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Types of Live Casino games

Live casino games are played remotely in an online casino environment and broadcast to real-time players via network broadcasts. The screen of an online live casino is like a physical casino with live croupiers and poker tables. The game is broadcast live to players via high-definition cameras. All interactions between the player and the dealer are real-time. Players place bets through their computers. Betting is done electronically, but the actual operation is carried out in real time with the assistance of a live casino croupier. Multiple players can "sit" at each online live casino table at the same time, and can chat with other players and croupiers through chat tools. Players can interact with the dealer to ensure that bets are placed correctly and all questions are answered. The game categories of the live casino are divided into blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker or sic bo.

Types of Live Casino games


This is a classic board game that originated in Europe. The goal of the game is to draw cards that add up to face value (or as close as possible to 21). All royal cards have a face value of 10, while the A cards have a face value of 11 or 1, depending on the player.


This kind of game is often called the king of casino games, because winning or losing is purely a matter of luck. The gameplay is to roll a small ball on a roulette wheel with numbered grooves. In addition to the numbers, the grooves have two colors: red or black. Players can bet on numbers or colors that you think will appear.


Baccarat is a card game that competes with the dealer. The technical purpose of the exclusive baccarat game is to draw a card whose face value is as close to 9 as possible. You draw two cards and add their values-if it is equal to or greater than 10, ignore the first number and play the game with the dealer.


This is a card game based on five cards. Player evaluations from low to high are top card, first round, second pair, three pairs, connection, even full house, straight flush, four equal cards, and last straight flush. The player with the highest hand wins.


Keno is a lottery-style casino game similar to bingo. It is easy to play because it is a pure luck game. Such games are very attractive to players who simply like to play gambling and don't like to think too much. Because all the rules of the game need to choose numbers, and hope that the final number is the same as the number you choose.

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