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Most played blackjack real money game variants

Today I am going to be looking at the game of Blackjack in a little more detail, as I know it is a casino table game many people are tempted to play at one time or another.

Having studied the CasinoUSA website, it is certainly the case when it comes to playing online blackjack for real money in the USA there are plenty of different variants available, and that is the subject matter for the following guide.

What Makes Blackjack Game Variants Differ?

Keep in mind that there are going to often be a large and diverse range of different game variants on offer to you when you do set about playing Blackjack online for real money, but never lose track of the fact that every single variant will come with its own house edge.

Only ever play the games which have, by their very design, the lowest house edges, and also master playing those variants before you do set about playing in a real life environment.

You will find single hand variants and multi-hand variants of Blackjack, so you can pick and choose which one’s appeal to you the most, and you will of course also have the option to configure each hand you play off for a stake level that suits your bankroll too.

Some variants do offer optional side bets, but keep in mind the bonus payouts those side bets offer will often increase the house edge on those games, so savvy players tend to steer clear of placing those side bets.

You may also be tempted to play Progressive Blackjack games, however, be aware that those huge jackpots such games tend to have on offer are not won regularly, and the side bets you are often required to place to have any chance of winning those jackpots are going to eat away at your bankroll too.

At the end of the day, it is always going to be your decision though as to which variants you do find appealing and are willing to play online, and there will be plenty of them on offer to you, that I can guarantee.

Can You Count Cards at Online Casinos?

If there is one question, I do know many people ask about playing blackjack for real money online, it is whether it is possible to count cards.

The answer to that question is yes, but only at casinos that use live gaming platforms rather than those that offer software driven games.

The later casinos use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each card dealt out, however those sites that use a live gaming platform use real Dealers dealing out cards in a real world studio or even land based casino.

As such if, and only if, you have mastered the art of counting cards then it will be the sites that have a suite of live gaming tables on offer to their customers that you will be able to count cards when playing Blackjack online.

Plus, when playing at such a casino you do have the added advantage of being able to chat to other players sat around the table you are playing at and can additionally interact with the Dealers too via an onscreen chat room, so you will certainly have a much more social type of playing experience if you do decide to play at such a casino site online.

Online Blackjack Tournaments

You can play at no risk or set about playing online blackjack for real money in the USA, but at the end of the day you will always want to have an enjoyable time no matter how or where you end up playing.

One way to get some added excitement and additionally have the chance of winning big, without putting too much money at risk on the Blackjack tables is by you signing up to a casino site or casino app that will offer you several Blackjack tournaments each day.

There are some sites that do have a packed schedule of tournaments on offer morning noon and night, and some of them will offer free to enter tournaments with real money prizes, or you may be required to pay a small entry fee to take part in them.

With some luck in playing, you could end up winning big by taking part in some of those tournaments, and they are certainly worth checking out if you only have a small, limited bankroll but want to get the maximum Blackjack playing action out of it and still have a fair chance of winning.

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