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India vs Sri Lanka: All Sri Lanka first team players tested negative , may enter a bubble on Monday

India vs Sri Lanka (revised schedule)

  1. Jul 18, Sun 2:30 PM Sri Lanka vs India, 1st ODI

  2. Jul 20, Tue 2:30 PM Sri Lanka vs India, 2nd ODI

  3. Jul 23, Fri 2:30 PM Sri Lanka vs India, 3rd ODI

  4. Jul 25, Sun 7:00 PM Sri Lanka vs India, 1st T20I

  5. Jul 27, Tue 7:00 PM Sri Lanka vs India, 2nd T20I

  6. Jul 29, Thu 7:00 PM Sri Lanka vs India, 3rd T20I

Cricket Controls India (BCCI) and Powerball Cricket (SLC) have a flight-to-fly limited series of itineraries.

"The tour consisting of 3 ODIs and T20I can now start on July 18, 2021," BCCI said in an official statement.

The ODI series is also a party for the ICC World Cup, which will determine the top seven teams in the 2023 ODI World Cup in India. The T20 series is seen in the preparations for the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup, which will be held in Oman soon.

The India vs. Sri Lanka series has been postponed due to Covid cases in the Sri Lanka camp

Ind vs SL: Although Niroshan's confirmation was given on Friday, Sri Lanka's batting coach Flower tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, 48 hours after the team arrived from England.

SLC and BCCI negotiate to extend the match date to 18th Jul

"Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has negotiated with the Cricket Control Council of India (BCCI) and decided to reschedule the ODI and T20I series," SLC said in a statement. "After detecting that two members of the national team (batting coach and data analyst) were positive for Covid, this move aims to provide Sri Lankan national team players and support staff with more time to complete the required health agreement before going on the field. "

Before the start of the limited series, Indian players played in Sri Lanka's squad match
Before the start of the limited series, Indian players played in Sri Lanka's squad match

The BCCI acknowledged this situation and stated that it would provide all possible cooperation to the SLC. The SLC revised the date after the Sri Lankan government issued health advice.

"We know that the situation is very special, but BCCI hopes to fully support Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) during these difficult times to ensure the smooth progress of the upcoming series. Our medical team maintains close contact with the doctor team at SLC and follows all Security agreement, which will help the series. We believe that the two countries will have an energetic performance in the next few days, and we will participate in some exciting cricket matches," Jay Shah at BCCI freed.

SLC CEO Ashley de Silva added: "We thank BCCI for understanding the situation and agreeing to work with us at this moment, as it has done many times in our long-term relationship. ."

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