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Free Betting Tips - Splitting Cards in BlackJack Strategy

Splitting Cards in Blackjack

Everyone who plays any online casino game is sure to want to focus upon winning over losing. Well, blackjack is a game that is based a lot on luck, but there are some effective strategies involved that can increase any player’s chances of winning when they play at the best online casinos. Not all of the more common blackjack strategies work with online casino games and can only be applied in brick and mortar casinos but splitting is one great strategy that works anywhere.

Splitting in blackjack means turning a single hand blackjack game into two or more hands. There are certain situations where splitting can be applied and not all online casinos allow it. In some situations, online casinos do allow splitting but set limitations by when and how it can take place. The idea of splitting cards is to help players increase their chances of winning.

Card splitting can take place when players have 2 cards of the same value. While it might be allowed by an online casino to split anytime this occurs, it doesn’t mean that players should take advantage of the situation each time. In order to split, players do need to double their bets because increased odds don’t come for free.

The best time to split cards is when the dealer has a weak hand, at least as far as the player can tell based on the cards that they are showing. A player has a better chance of winning when their hands are better than the dealer’s visible cards that total 5, 6 or 7. Using this strategy, players are more likely to win with one or both of their hands, but of course, there are also better times to split than others and it’s not just based on the dealer’s total. Some strategists recommend that players only split when they have 8’s, 7’s, 2’s and 3’s. Others say to avoid splitting on 10’s, 4’s, 5’s and 6’s; but really, it’s up to players to use their own intuition and take advantage when they feel like it’s a good time to split. In order to be successful with a split, players need to have a strong understanding of blackjack. Splitting 10’s in particular is risky, and should not be attempted by players who don’t know what they’re doing.

In order to learn how to best use a splitting strategy, players can practice by playing free online casino games so they get a feel for how the game works overall and when it’s a good time to split the cards. To find good casinos to play blackjack, players can check out online casino reviews and check out some of the most popular ones around with great software, and a reputation for fair gaming.

Double Down Blackjack Strategy

Most players at online casinos look for strategies that will increase their chances for winning, knocking the odds in their favor. Many employ strategies to do so to keep gameplay going longer and extend bankrolls a great deal. Blackjack is just one of those games that players can put into place several different strategies when playing at a casino online. As it is a popular game, many casino goers have the chance to win big with the help of some strategies.

The double down strategy has become a great option for many blackjack players. The nice aspect is that many online casinos permit players to use the double down strategy. Players should know the different rules for doubling down as they may be different depending on the casino. Some casinos allow blackjack players to double down only if they hold a 2 card hand that surmounts to 10 or 11. Other casinos let players place bets with any of their two cards.

Double Down Blackjack
Double Down Blackjack

Some of the best online casinos are those that allow players to double down with any hand total. However, most only allow players to double down after their first 2 cards are dealt out by the dealer. Others permit players to double down after a split. The casinos offering the strategy with any total card hand lend players great advantages. This allows players to use the double down strategy whenever they want.

Blackjack players are always looking to reduce the house edge. Many strategies hone in on this, including the double down strategy. Players are allowed more flexibility by most casinos, which in turn, lowers that house edge.

Players should not start using the double down strategy whenever they want. The strategy really only functions in a blackjack player’s favor when used on their best hand. The double down strategy features doubling a bet to increase those winnings. With that said, players should really only put it into place when they think they possess a great opportunity for winning.

Blackjack involves a great deal of math. Players should exercise those math skills when using the double down blackjack strategy. Deciding when to double down involves those math evaluations. When the dealer has the worst cards on the table such as 2 through 6, the player clearly has a better chance at winning. Many follow patterns, believing that the dealer will bust if they have such bad cards.

Like any casino strategy, there are those risks with the double down strategy. For example, if the dealer holds a 9 and the player holds 10, the risk is huge if they put into place the double down strategy. Sometimes, this can work out to a player’s favor. There is also some risks involved when doubling down on the dealer’s ten if a player does on an 11.

Every online casino holds different rules for playing online blackjack. Many of these rules limit the double down strategy, so players should read up on the casino’s terms and conditions. Some will have better odds than other casinos on blackjack games. Players should keep those eyes peeled for a casino with a lower house edge.

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