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ENG vs IND 3rd Test Match:Go ThisWin, Go Betting, Get Winning

Updated: Sep 14

This day of cricket was supposed to be a rude reality check for the utterly pampered and spoiled followers of Indian cricket who started post 2015. They had been bowled out for 78, the pitch had flattened out, the opposition had got off to a start and there was a long day staring them in the face. They knew they couldn't bowl as full as England did because any assistance from the pitch had vanished. They knew the batters were under no scoreboard pressure.

ENG vs IND 3rd Test Match:Go ThisWin, Go Betting, Get Winning
ENG vs IND 3rd Test Match:Go ThisWin, Go Betting, Get Winning

“India still have the chance to come back, I feel both teams always have a chance until the Test match is over... whenever they have their backs against the wall they have come back stronger. I'll hope they'll do that here as well." said Maninder Singh on the subject during an interaction with ESPNcricinfo.

Team India pacer Mohammed Shami said, “India won even after Root scored a hundred (at Lord’s). He almost scored a 200, but we are still 1-0 in the series. We are not bothered a lot about Root. Some or the other batter is going to score runs. If their captain is scoring runs, so be it. We are only concerned with the end result."

Even if you feel happy or sad with the ups and downs of the score during the game, the final result is still the final conclusion. Don't forget, the current Indian team is still leading 1-0 in the five-game series, and this time the England team's catch-up has added a lot of excitement to the game.

"You should always expect one thing from this team, that is the fight. This is not the team that is going to throw the towel in and say thank you very much. This team never gives up, never gives in. They bounced back after 36 as well. They will bounce back after 78 also. I am not saying that they can win the match, but you can expect a certain fight."—Aakash Chopra

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