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Does winning at online roulette depend entirely on luck?

Many online roulette players wonder how can they beat the game, and also if there is a roulette system which could help them win. Various theories and speculations abound, since the outcome of the online game is determined only by a software program.

They wonder if the software has some flaws, and if there are some programs which could break the roulette software, or tell them on what number the ball will land next. The question is can a RNG (Random Number generator) be beaten by using a system?

Is roulette just because of luck?
Is roulette just because of luck?

Our opinion is the most of the online casinos are legit and they don't want to cheat because they would ruin their reputation. They use the RNG especially with this purpose; to assure that the games are as random as possible.

In fact, online roulette is not influenced by various mechanics like the land-based one is. The truth is that winning at online roulette is based more than on mathematics. The table has a zero, and in the case of American roulette, two zeros.

This zero will make you lose on the long run. The casino has 2,7 % higher chances of winning than you on every bet. One popular strategy to play roulette is looking for a permanence, which means observing which numbers come more often. These numbers are considered favorites, and if you bet on them apparently you have higher chances of winning.

You will always have to look for new favorites, and if they appear place the bets on them. Software programs can be used to identify the favorites faster. Another strategy to play roulette is changing in very round to the opposite chance: from red to black, impair to pair, and so on.

This type of strategy to play roulette is fixed, and the odds with this strategy remain the same: 2.7% in the casinos favor. The problem with this fixed strategy is that including an individual factor, such as making certain decisions the system will become irreproducible for all cases.

Another popular strategy would be the "Martingale" which supposes to bet a low amount on a simple chance (pair for example) and if you lose, double the amount of money and place the same bet, and so on until a pair comes.

A pair would recover all the money for you, but this system has some problems when used in an online casino. First you need a lot of money to place the bets, if the desire bet doesn't come for a long period of time, and secondly the online roulette has some table limits, which means you could end up losing a lot of money.

If we take a closer look at the most famous casino winners we can clearly see that they haven't used any systems, because there isn’t a system which guarantees a win. What you can do to increase your chances of winning is playing systematically, using a bankroll and never get rushed away.

If you want to play online choose a reputable casino; a casino which will allow you to play its games for fun. And about the flaws in the software just ignore the rumor because such a flaw does not exist.

Remember that gambling should be played for fun, and that winning at online roulette is based entirely on luck. If you want to bet, don’t use the money you need for living, because once again you should bet just for entertainment.

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