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Common Types Of BlackJack You Can Try Playing

Blackjack is one of the most classic probability games as it is both based on skills and also provides higher profits compared to other table game. It may take time to understand the game altogether, but there are several variations to test your skills once you get a full grasp of it. The ability to play different variations of Blackjack is also beneficial as it helps you beat the Dealer’s hand. Most of the variations result from changes in rules, but there are others with different gameplay. This article will explain the different Blackjack variations.

American Blackjack

Also known as classic Blackjack, the American Blackjack is the most played form of Blackjack worldwide. Players can play with up to 8 decks, and the player and the Dealer are dealt two cards each, where one of the cards, known as the hole card, is facedown for the Dealer.

The player wins the hand if they have exactly 21 for the card totals. If the card total exceeds 21, then the player loses the hand. You must also have a total higher than that of the dealer for you to win.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is one of the most interesting blackjacks to play. Unlike the American Blackjack, the player is dealt with two cards that face up and the Dealer gets one face-up card. Also, dealers in European Blackjack do not receive a hole card until the player decides to play their cards. This variation also has several other aspects and more restrictions compared to American Blackjack.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack has a gameplay similar to that of regular gameplay, but the player can make more money by winning the jackpot. However, the player has to place an additional bet for the jackpot. All the other gameplay rules of the progressive Blackjack are similar to playing regular Blackjack except for the variations where cards are hit, split, doubled or stand.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This game is played with eight decks. Another difference with other blackjack variations is that the Dealer is allowed to peek at his hole, plus they are allowed to stand on a soft 17. Late surrender and insurance are also allowed, plus respliting the cards is allowed up to 3 hands.

Spanish 21

Spanish Blackjack allows up to six or eight deck cards. The cards lack the cards with ten-value to increase the house edge, meaning the game begins with only 48 cards. Like the Atlantic City blackjack, the Dealer in Spanish 21 can peek at his /her hole card, plus late insurance and surrender are allowed. The Dealer will win the hand if it is a Blackjack or 21. This variation also allows surrendering after doubling down to increase the player’s chances of winning.

Blackjack Switch

Players in this blackjack variation can switch between two pairs of cards. The player receives two hands of cards, and all are dealt face up. Instead of the usual 3:2 payout, the payout for this blackjack variation is 1:1. The Dealer will win if he/she has a Blackjack, but the player has a chance to keep the bet amount if they have a blackjack before switching.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Most online players enjoy playing this blackjack variation. Vegas strip blackjack’s gameplay is similar to that of the American hole card version as it allows the Dealer to peek at his/her hole card. The Dealer in this variation must also stand on the soft 17. The game is played on four decks and allows doubling down after splitting the aces. The player can also split their cards, but to a maximum of three times.


Pontoon is an Australian Variation with a gameplay similar to that of Spanish 21. This game also adds fun typical Blackjack by changing the Hit, Stand, and Blackjack names to Pontoon, Twist, and Stick. You can also find a Blackjack game called Pontoon in online casinos, but it is different from the land-based Australian version that uses Spanish decks.

Super Fun 21

This blackjack version played with one deck is a version that guarantees players both fun and wins. The game rules are similar to those of the Classic Blackjack, but it has some variations in the payout structure. For example, a player’s natural Blackjack always beats the Dealer’s natural Blackjack in this variation.

When it comes to the money, a Diamond Blackjack gets a 2:1 payout, and the Blackjack pays equally rather than the usual 3:2. This game also allows the player to hit, double, stand and split no matter the number of cards.

Live Dealer Blackjack

It is possible to play blackjack with live dealers through various online casinos. Players in live dealership blackjack are dealt two cards each. Queens kings picture cards and so jacks count as ten, while the aces have a varying value (1 or 11) depending on the other card in your hands. Like some of the other blackjack variants, players in live dealership blackjack can split, double down and also surrender.

Parting Words

Though not all are easy to play, the above blackjack variants provide you with options. Playing different variants will expose you to different rules, table layouts and improve your gaming experience massively.

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